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Abstract translated from German: The ICF Core Sets for hand conditions was developed at an international ICF consensus conference in 2009. It provided a standard for describing the functioning and disability of patients with hand conditions. In 2010 the development phase of the ICF Core Sets was concluded with the completion of a German-wide validation study. As a result of the validation study, the Comprehensive ICF Core Sets for hand conditions was expanded by two categories - b4352 Functions of lymphatic vessels and b298 Sensory functions and pain, other specified_Nerve pain in the upper extremity. The statistical validation of the Brief ICF Core Set for hand conditions showed that b134 Sleep functions, s830 Structure of nails, e225 Climate as well as e4 Attitudes should be considered when using the Brief ICF Core Set. These ICF categories help to differentiate between the various health states of patients. As a follow-up project, the “Leuchtturmprojekt Hand” or “Lighthouse Project Hand” was initiated in 2012. The goal of this project is to implement the ICF Core Sets in clinical practice and rehabilitation as well as in research of the hand.

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