From 11-12 September 2016 meeting the G7 Health Ministers met in Kobe (Japan) to address major global health challenges. During this meeting, the Health Ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, the US, and the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety adopted the so-called Kobe Communiqué.

On page 5 of the Communiqué the G7 Health Ministers' Meeting acknowledged the value of using the ICF (and the ICD) in the context of routine reporting mechanisms (among other contexts). This important message will hopefully bring additional momentum to the real-life implementation of the ICF in practice, as well as highlight the importance of knowledge and evidence gained through high quality research in the area of functioning and disability.

Kobe Ministers2 rev

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The Lancet also published a Comment from the G7 Health Ministers eferring to the Kobe Communiqué. Click here to access the Comment: