Available for downloading – Rehab-Cycle® Templates ICF-based documentation tools

To facilitate the use of the ICF in clinical practice, it is essential to have ICF-based tools that could be integrated into the existing processes. The publication Rauch et al. 2008 "How to apply the ICF for rehabilitation management in clinical practice (click here for abstract) introduced 4 ICF-based tools that were developed for the rehabilitation setting, specifically to accompany the Rehab-Cycle® approach – ICF Assessment Sheet, ICF Categorical Profile, ICF Intervention Table, and the ICF Evaluation Display. The Rehab-Cycle® can facilitate the structuring, organization and documentation of the rehabilitation process, as well as help professionals involved in person's rehabilitation with coordinating their actions. 

Visual 4 tools V3

Templates of these ICF-based tools can now be downloaded by going to the downloads section or by clicking here: https://www.icf-research-branch.org/download/category/17-icf-based-case-studies.

The use of these ICF-based tools is illustrated in the ICF-based case studies of persons living with spinal cord injury. For more information about the ICF-based case studies, click here. The individual ICF-based case studies can also be downloaded from the downloads section or by clicking here: https://www.icf-research-branch.org/download/category/17-icf-based-case-studies

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