Academians learn the ICF


A group of 12 academians from diverse backgrounds - movement science, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology, physical and rehabilitation medicine participated in the interactive ICF Workshop held in Switzerland from 16-17 February. This multi-culture group of participants consisted of persons with no previous knowledge of the ICF to those who will be teaching ICF in their own institutions/countries.

"Multi-disciplinary discussion was very nice to open up new points of view"
"I like the group work, the exercises - they were very helpful"

Since the participants all work in an academic context, there was more focus on the application of the ICF in bridging research and clinical work. This was further exemplified by brief presentations given by two of the participants about their research projects:

  • Towards an ICF-based Documentation System in SCI-specific Rehabilitation in Thailand - A case study approach
  • ICF in practice - Japanese project on the development of ICF data collecting systems