From the 13th – 15th of October 2016 an international group of 31 experts working with patients who sustained major traumatic injuries participated in a consensus meeting to develop the first Comprehensive and Brief ICF Core Sets for major trauma. Experts representing all 6 WHO regions from various disciplines (doctors based in emergency departments, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, caregivers, patients, surgeons and rehabilitation physicians) followed a three-stage decision-making and consensus process to decide on the ICF categories that should be included in the ICF Core Sets for major trauma.

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This enthusiastic group of experts debated for many hours to ensure that the categories represented in the ICF Core Sets were the most important and relevant for describing the functioning of of adults who experienced a major traumatic injury in diverse contexts all over the world. The Comprehensive ICF Core Set for major trauma contains 75 categories and the brief set 19 categories – all at the 2nd level.

The ICF Core Sets will be available for downloading once the manuscript presenting the results of the consensus conference process has been published early online.